In the unfortunate event of a violent incident, the ProtectED shelving system can be rolled over a classroom door or window and quickly latched in place by children or adults — with the possibility of locking down an entire school in a matter of seconds.


ProtectED blocks assailants from seeing inside or entering the room, protects the room's occupants from gunfire, and helps deter or delay an attack, buying invaluable time for law enforcement to respond.

Demilitarize school security
Children and young adults need to be safe, and also feel safe in order to learn effectively. ProtectED looks like an ordinary bookcase and does not intimidate or frighten students.

Don’t rely on improvised barricades
Stacked classroom furniture is ineffective at preventing assailant entry into a room or stopping gunfire, and takes too long to put in place when seconds matter. ProtectED creates a safe room in seconds.