The ProtectED shelving system provides a versatile security solution for government entities threatened by riots and politically motivated violence, terrorism and non-state actors. It can easily be installed in existing buildings with minimal retrofitting and without drawing attention to security gaps.


Protect against political violence
Riots and organized political violence threaten the function of federal, state, and municipal governments. The ProtectED bookcase provides non-intrusive security in seconds, allowing critical governmental functions to continue.

Respond to terrorism and non-state threats
Diplomatic and military facilities are often targeted by terrorist groups and paramilitary forces. The ProtectED Bookcase easily hardens official and residential buildings with minimal retrofitting and a low profile.

ProtectED is ideal for federal, state, and municipal governmental bodies’ capitol buildings, courthouses, gubernatorial and mayoral residences, as well as embassies, military headquarters, senior leader residences, and safe houses.