Healthcare, workplaces
and commercial retail

ProtectED serves as a functional storage or merchandising shelf, and allows employees, customers, and patients to find safety in the event of a violent incident. It can also prevent or reduce property damage from riots and looting.


ProtectED blocks assailants from seeing inside or entering the room, protects the room's occupants from gunfire, and helps deter or delay an attack, buying invaluable time for law enforcement to respond.

Turn break rooms into safe rooms
Break rooms where employees regularly congregate often serve as ideal safe rooms when equipped with a ProtectED shelving system. In the event of an attack, employees can safely secure themselves and customers.

Respond to workplace violence and looting
Violence — whether targeted attacks or rioting and looting — threatens property and employee safety and security. The ProtectED Bookcase is a key line of defense in protecting any business.